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Christmas Party
  • Get your tickets for the Christmas party ASAP.
  • Nursing have a paypass machine for cashless payments in the dept.
  • $75 for food, drink, DJ and Photographer.
  • Annual award presentations.
  • Infection control approved posters are up everywhere in the dept with more info.
Dennis Woods Award
  • It’s time to seek nominations for the 2020 Dennis Woods Award. Dennis was our legendary HSA lead for years and sadly died in 2015.  
  • The Dennis Woods Prize is an annual award to an Emergency Department staff member which recognises their contribution to the Emergency Department in creating a positive environment for staff to work in, and a caring environment for patients.  This is embodied by the values of respect, integrity, teamwork, and positivity that Dennis Woods exemplified while working at SCGH.
  • The prize is open to all staff working in the Emergency department Clerical, Consultants, Cleaners; everyone is eligible.
  • Nominations to myself or Nicole or Sandra before the end of November and the winner will be announced at the Christmas Dinner
Tox Unit design feedback
  • The latest proposed design for our redevelopment is attached and has been updated on the flight deck too.
  • This is really the last few days to have your say so please feel free to leave a suggestion or email one of the management team directly if you’ve any ideas.
  • Our state borders change a little in 2/7 time.
  • To reflect that we’ve made some minor adjustments to the triage sieve (attached) so now only patients who have been overseas or in NSW or VIC within the last 2/52 get allocated to RED regardless of what’s wrong with them.
  • After a prolonged period of no COVID related changes it may be that we’ll have to update a bit more in the coming months.
Cool Xrays

Missed Pneumothorax

  • CXR below with small apical pneumothorax that wasn’t seen at the time. Wasn’t picked up on bedside USS either.
  • Patient did fine and was managed conservatively
  • The apices and behind the heart are the most common places to miss stuff on CXRs – it’s a good habit to get into to double check them.

Lisfranc Injury – NOT missed just interesting!

  • I noticed this one while results checking recently – an example of how subtle Lisfranc injuries can be. 
  • Radiology have helpfully put some arrows on the 2nd image to show you what to look for.
  • Report = ‘widening of the Lisfranc interval and apparent ossific fragment involving the proximal aspect of the medial cuneiform.  Appearances likely relate to a Lisfranc injury’
  • Confirmed on CT along with a navicular – medial cuneiform dislocation.
  • Some nice reviews on radiopaedia and some website that no ones heard of


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