CME: Emergency Psychiatry

Here is Anne’s fantastic talk on “Tricky concepts in ED Psychiatry”.

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Assessment of Capacity:

  • Capacity Definition:
    • Mental capacity can be defined as having ‘sufficient understanding and memory to comprehend in a general way the situation in which one finds oneself and the nature, purpose, and consequence of any act or transaction into which one proposes to enter’ ( – in other words, as the ability to make a decision.
  • Capacity assessment principles:
    • A person has decision making capacity to make a specific decision if (at the relevant time) they have the capacity to do ALL :
      • Understand any information about the decision
      • Understand the matters involved in the decision
      • Understand the effect of the decision
      • Weigh up the above factors for the purpose of making the decision
      • Communicate the decision in some way.
      • No Coercion
    • Assess the person’s decision-making ability – not the decision they make

Referral for Psychiatric Examination:

  • Form 1A (MHA 2014)
  • A practitioner can only refer a person for examination by a psychiatrist where they reasonably suspect that:
    • the person is in need of an involuntary treatment order (see below), or
    • if the person is currently on a community treatment order, the person is in need of an inpatient treatment order.
    • The assessing practitioner must have regard to the criteria for an involuntary treatment order
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