CME 27/04/17 – Spirometry in SOB

Here is Sanjay’s very informative presentation on the use of spirometry in the assessment of patients with SOB, and other pearls for the management of respiratory patients. Essentially:

  • use spirometry in all cases of SOB of unknown cause if suspecting obstructive or restrictive pathology to help determine cause and guide management.
  • use pre and post treatment PEFR monitoring in all asthma patients to assist in determining ongoing management and disposition.


  • Location of the Peak Flow Meters and Spirettes for the EasyOne Spirometer – in the clean utility next to drug storage area:
  • Asthma Management (US Style):
  • Sanjay’s Rough Guide to Asthma Disposition:
    • PEFR <100 L/Min – Admit
    • PEFR 100-150 – Probably admit
    • PEFR 150-200 – Unlikely admit
    • PEFR 200-250 – Probably discharge
    • PEFR >250 – Discharge
    • PEFR >300 – Reconsider asthma diagnosis!
Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

Emergency Physician, SCGH, WA, Australia

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