CME: Principles of Disaster Medicine

In a world that is seeing increasingly more disasters, both natural and non-natural, disaster medicine has never been so important. Here is Tim’s talk on Principles of Disaster Medicine,including good examples of the Ebola crisis and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Important information:

  • Location of SCGH ED Emergency Procedure Manuals (Next to ED X-ray Room):
SCGH Disaster Management Plan Location1
SCGH Disaster Management Plan Location2
  • Location and contents of SCGH ED Disaster Equipment (Airway / Breathing / Circulation):
    • This equipment is located opposite the ED Admin on the ground floor next to the Gold Lifts
    • Note: some staff members swipe cards can access this room – but, if yours does not, then there is a swipe card with the Clerk on the flight deck that will):


For those interested in taking a course or learning more on Disaster response/Trauma:

Lindsay Showers
Lindsay Showers
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