CME 08/12/16 – First Seizure Study SCGH

Here is Jacqui’s update on first seizure management at SCGH.


  • First Seizures in Adults – a great summary by Heather Angus-Leppan, consultant neurologist, in the BMJ 4/2014
  • FSH ED Seizure Guideline – we have been asked to use this as a guide pending the updated SCGH ED Seizure Guideline being developed by our Neurology Unit (with thanks to those who have developed this document):
FSH ED Seizure Guideline
  • DOT WA – reporting a medical condition 
    • Patients should be informed not to drive for 6 months post their first seizure, and they should be told that they need to inform the DOT WA Licensing Department of this diagnosis as a legal requirement.
Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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