CME 02/06/16 – Hyperbaric Medicine

Here are Ian’s talks on hyperbaric medicine and his cases of “Deceptive Bends”


  • South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS)
    • The South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS) a medical society with a focus on matters significant to recreational divers.
    • The purposes of the Society have never changed since its inception. These are:
      • to promote and facilitate the study of all aspects of underwater and hyperbaric medicine;
      • to provide information on underwater and hyperbaric medicine;
      • to promote communication between members and to publish a journal;
      • to convene members annually at a scientific conference and to hold meetings and other activities to inform, and to develop fellowship and friendship amongst members.
  • Diving Emergencies
    • General information page on this website relating to the assessment, management and disposition of patients with suspected decompression sickness or other diving related emergencies presenting to SCGH ED

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