ACEM Primary



  • Every Thursday, 10:45-12:45, ED Seminar Room



  • Registrars (rostered and unrostered) who are planning to sit the ACEM Primary Exam in the next 6 month period



  • Structured ACEM Primary Exam teaching program coordinated by Dr Jason Scop with assistance from the SCGH ED consultant group
  • See program below



Additional Information:


Welcome to the SCGH Primary Exam Preparation

There is a new structure to the primary exam. All 4 MCQ papers must be completed before you receive an invite to the VIVA component. (The order and amount of subjects you do per MCQ exam have not changed). The VIVA component consists of 4 integrated vivas. Each viva is made up of 4 questions (one for each subject) relating to a common theme. (At this stage, the college is still using vivas from past years with minor adjustments to fit the new format).

Application for the primary exam closes on the 10 JULY 2105


1.   Clinical Orientated Anatomy- Moore-7th edition

2.   Basic and clinical Pharmacology- Katzung-12th edition

3.   Pathologic basis of disease—Robbins-9th edition (new)

4.   Review of medical physiology- Ganong 24 edition

5.   Clinical Atlas of Human Pathology- Mcminns 6th edition (vivas)

6.   Respiratory Physiology, the essentials: West 9th edition

It is a good idea to go to the UWA anatomy dept and hire a box of bones for 6months.

We have MOST of the anatomy models that may appear in the VIVA exam. They are located in my office. They can be used at any time but MUST not leave the dept

Each week reflects how many MCQs will appear from the subject matter- It gives you an idea of how much effort to spend on the material. There are very big sections which only have a few MCQs so you need to specific selective with some of the material

Because the vivas are now integrated, I have arranged the teaching weeks of cardiovascular and respiratory to incorporate all 4 subjects consecutively followed by a revision week. This will give you a feel of an integrated viva

Anatomy UL and LL includes a revision week as it cover 30/60 MCQs

EMQs, abnormal ECGs, ABGs and Xrays are new additions to the exam. See below for a full explanation from the ACEM website

I will give you additional material which will help you in your preparation when we start the program or earlier if you want. Just come and see me. Bring a flash drive.


Good luck

Jason Scop



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