Mentorship Program


All registrars and ED RMOs will have a consultant nominated as a mentor. This
should be regarded as an informal support person to provide career guidance and
advice. It is not mandatory but you are encouraged to meet up with your mentor at
least once. The goals of mentoring include:

  • Advice on career progression.
  • Confidant, advocate and safety net in case of difficulty on the mentee’s
  • To pass on Hospital / College values and culture.
  • Motivation for the mentee to challenge themselves appropriately.
  • Provides a safe space to ask questions without losing credibility.
  • Help on solving some work related problems.
  • Help on increasing professional exposure and networking of the mentee.

The SCGH ED mentoring program is currently coordinated by Dr Ioana Vlad.

The current Mentor / Mentee Assignments:



Upcoming Mentoring Activities:


  • Mentoring and art program for Emergency Medicine:
    • This is opened to all doctors with an interest in Emergency Medicine – specialists, trainees or prospective trainees. They are monthly 90 min sessions at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at UWA.
    • They are meant to help you develop skills in practical observation, teamwork, communication and collaboration in an empathic context with your peers, and  also discover more about yourself and gain new knowledge in an environment where judgment is suspended and where there is no right answer.
    • The sessions run from 18:00 to 19:30 on Thursdays. The cost is 20 AUD per person per session.
    • Dates and Session Flyers: