Obstetrics Orientation Resources

Birth Algorithm

SCGH ED has all the Obstetric Equipment set up in ready-to-grab packs in our Pink Boxes (click to reveal contents list):

These live in the Clean Utility Room on the bottom shelf (to the right as you walk in). The Delivery Bundle box contains a helpful Pink Manual with all the O&G information you might need whilst working on the floor. These resources were set up by Suzanne Rosenberg, Clinical Nurse & Registered Midwife. Suzanne, and friends, talk through the SCGH ED obstetric resources in the following four password protected videos.


Video Password: PinkBox14


Video Cast & Crew:
Pregnant Patient: Nicole Hoskins; Emergency Ultrasound Consultant: James Rippey; Emergency Doctor: Stephanie Schleuter; Midwife/Presenter: Suzanne Rosenberg; Cinematographer / Photographer : Roger Swift; Producer and Editor: Deanne Chiu


How to set up for a birth in ED:


Delivery Set Up from Deanne Chiu on Vimeo.


Birth simulation/demonstration:


Birth Sim from Deanne Chiu on Vimeo.


Finding the Foetal Heart


Foetal Heart from Deanne Chiu on Vimeo.



The Pink Boxes – ED Obstetric Equipment


Contents of Pink Boxes from Deanne Chiu on Vimeo.


Neonatal Resuscitation Algorithms:


Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Flowchart

Newborn Life Support


KEMH Neonatal Resuscitation Algorithm:

KEMH Neonatal Resucitation Algorithm



Other useful resources:


O&G Contacts list

  • KEMH Review of Antenatal Patients at other hospitals:


See below for KEMH Clinical Guideline “Review at another hospital: Obstetric & Gynaecology review at FHHS, SCGH & RPH” (click to expand)

transfer to KEMH


For further training we recommend attending the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics Course

Charlie’s ED Team Regs and Resusc staff can expect an O&G themed simulation once per semester as part of the SCGH ED Monday & Friday morning simulation sessions.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped with this blog post and series of videos as credited and especially Nicole and Thomas (formerly known as bump). For any further feedback or O&G training ideas please feel free to contact Suzanne (CN & RM).

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