CME 30/06/16 – Performance Under Pressure Workshop


“A three-hour workshop on Psychological Skills Training (PST) was delivered to Emergency Department Registrars at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on 30 June 2016. The workshop was run by two Psychologists (Mark Oostergo and Philip Temby) from Executive Functions. The workshop covered a range of theory and practical activities which aimed to build individual awareness and develop psychological skills that can be employed in stressful situations to maintain optimal performance. It encompassed an introduction to PST, a review of the stress response, and a tailored Personal Performance Plan (PPP) for Emergency Physicians. The PPP includes key psychological skills consisting of visualisation, arousal management, self-talk, and recovery techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation. Selected references covered in the workshop are listed below. Further information about the workshop can be obtained by contacting Executive Functions at or”


Performance Psychology Skills for Emergency Medicine:

Visualisation and Mental Practice:

Controlled Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (HighRes App):

  • High Res
    • App “developed by the Australian Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The app offers a range of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools, based on the Department of Defence’s BattleSMART program. This includes progressive muscle relaxation, challenging thoughts and healthy sleep.You can use these tools to ‘test’ and ‘adjust’ your physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions to stress. This would be particularly helpful for managing the daily stresses of service life, deployment, transition to civilian life and life post-service.You can also use the tools as part of performance training. Through regular use of the tools, you can ‘optimise’ your performance and build your resilience to stress. The app helps you test your resilience by taking a resilience survey, set performance goals and keep track of your progress over time.”



Dr James Wheeler
Dr James Wheeler

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