CME 16/01/14 Vestibular and Vertigo Assessment

Vestibular assessment from SCGH ED CME Thanks again to Jim for giving a very helpful talk on the assessment of ED patients presenting with vertigo. Head Thrust Test:   Vertigo Assessment Algorithm:     Here is a the article that…
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Anaphylaxis Management Flow Chart

  Here is a useful flow chart created by Dr Roger Swift, based on the guidelines published by Dr Simon Brown (RPH FACEM)     Other Resources: There is more information available from the australasian society of clinical immunology and…
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Code Sepsis protocol has arrived!

Code sepsis from SCGH ED CME Here is Kane’s update on Sepsis Mx at SCGH ED that will start on Monday 25/11/2013   NOTE: An amendment to this protocol is that you DO NOT CALL 55 to activate this process….
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