Obstetric patients at SCGH


Here is the current advice on how and when to contact O&G services at KEMH for advice / review of pregnant patients presenting to this hospital


Please see below memo regarding management of antenatal patients at SCGH

Until further notice SCGH staff managing antenatal patients are to contact the Consultant Obstetrician on call at KEMH under the following circumstances:

  • Presentation or admission of an antenatal patient who has had an accident or injury or has an acute surgical or medical condition where clinical management may have an effect on the wellbeing of the foetus or
  • If you have other clinical management concerns around the wellbeing of the foetus.
    (See KEMH Clinical Guideline “Review at another hospital: Obstetric & Gynaecology review at FHHS, SCGH & RPH”)

Authorised by:
Dr Meredith Arcus
A/Executive Director Medical Services
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
23 October 2015

See below for KEMH Clinical Guideline “Review at another hospital: Obstetric & Gynaecology review at FHHS, SCGH & RPH” (click to expand)

transfer to KEMH

SCGH ED Clinical Pathway for Women in Labour:

Birth Algorithm
Please see the SCGH Obstetrics Orientation Resources webpage regarding information to treat women in active labour / imminent delivery

O&G Contact List:

O&G Contacts list

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