Tissue (Organ) Donation


Below are some reminders of which patients may be considered for tissue / organ donation and how to go about initiating this process. When in doubt patients can be discussed with the Donor Coordinator via switchboard (recently deceased patients) or the on call ICU senior doctor (intubated patients)


Guideline for the potential donor who has died in ED

SCGH Tissue donation ward information flyer 2015-page-001

Guideline for the intubated potential donor in ED


Do they meet GIVE criteria?

GUIDE_ClinicalTrigger_organ donation_001_2010

Process if they meet GIVE criteria

SCGH potential donor referal process 2015-page-001

Date implemented – 09/2015
Review date – 09/2018
Author – Michael Baker, Mary Lynch (Clinical nurse, tissue donation specialist)


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