CME 14/8/14 – Post-Intubation Management

Here is Jonathan’s talk on post-intubation management.



  • ED Useful Intubation References – for Drug Doses & Ventilator Settings

Emergency Department Useful References

  • ED Post-intubation Checklist

Emergency Department Post-Intubation Checklist


  • Oxylog 3000 – the basics – video overview by Jo Deverill


  • Here is a link to LITFL: Own The Oxylog 3000! by Chris Nickson – which includes these useful charts by George Douros on guides for both Volume & Pressure Controlled Ventiltion strategies (which I will try and attach to the Oxylogs)

Volume Controlled Ventilation GuidePressure Controlled Ventilation Guide


ED Airway Registry Documentation:

Here is a copy of the Airway registry form now found on the difficult airway trolley. This should be filled out for all intubations in the ED:

ED Airway Registry Form pg1ED Airway Registry Form pg2

Here is a link to


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